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       In 1975, two cubic meters per second , was sufficient to meet the demand of the border population , however, in the 90s , the need to supply the population with four cubic meters per second. Currently enlargement to 5.30 cubic meters per second water supply is guaranteed 24 hours a day, for the next 10 years.


This extension consists of a pipeline of 64.7 kilometers , parallel to the existing pipeline of 135 km , with increasing pumping equipment in the six existing pumping plants to increase of 4.0 m3 / sec to 5.3 m3 / sec .



Foto aérea del predio.

Quinta Laguna

         La Quinta Laguna has a storage capacity of 800,000.00 m3 of water, was built Aqueduct unscheduled outages , above the water was wasted by pouring the existing international drain.


Feeder Canals

   The feeder aqueduct Colorado -Tijuana River Canal, had a carrying capacity of 4.0 m3 / sec and wide to drive up to 5.6 m3 / sec . , This is connected via an intake which is fed by the Reform Canal, has ml 16,200.00 length and feed the first call Pumping Plant Pumping Plant "0" ( PB0 ) .


The expansion of the pipeline has a length of 64698.00 ml ( 53.931 ml steel pipe 54 " in diameter and 10.767 ml of 60 " diameter , with different coatings inside cement- sand mortar or epoxy , in outdoor cement-sand mortar , triple tape or epoxy polyurethane ) , 55.798 ml and 8,900 ml buried pipe pipe or surface area in the underground pipe is most pipe joints hood pin package, and in the pipeline Aerial most is steel pipe with welded bell and spigot joining a small part is butt welded pipe steel. The pipe is protected against corrosion based Cathodic Protection with deep wells.


Hydraulic lines

 In the 6 existing pumping plants was added a new pumping equipment to each plant operates with a 4 + 1, to increase pumping to reach at least 5.3 m3 / sec , the aqueduct can now pump up to 5.6 m3 / sec ) , in conjunction 6 pumping plants mature height of 1050.00 meters in the stretch drive , which begins in the pumping plant PB0 and ends at the top of the Rumorosa , approximately 1,200.00 ml of last pumping station ( PB5 ) .


Pumping Plants